Thursday, March 14, 2013

Z is for ZOOMED!

Hi Friends!

I'm not sure about any of y'all, but teaching elapsed time to third graders used to rank up there with getting a root canal or cleaning the whole house.  IE-not fun.  At all.  :)  I'd fumble and cross my fingers and kinda hope for the best.  This year was totally different for us.

Emily made this cute little poster for us to introduce the concept.  We did several example problems before we let the class try on their own.  However, they were begging to do it "alone" WAAAAAY faster than in years past!  It was also very helpful when we played Elapsed Time Scoot earlier this week.  

Z is for Zoomed!  How much time has ZOOMED by?

We played Scoot with some pretty tricky task cards and our kids did so much better once we introduced this new strategy.  They simply round to the next whole hour until they reach their final time.  Then add up your zoom lines.  Lots of fun!  If you want to check out our new pack, click here.

Finally, rejoice!  Tomorrow is Friday!  No need for this little ecard, we can do our Friday happy dance! It's also a jeans day for us :)  Enjoy your weekend!

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