Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wednesday Workshop-Set Up and an EXTRA FREEBIE

Today we are linking up with Jivey for Workshop Wednesday.  We love reading about how you all set up your Reading Workshop!!!

We have tried a few reading workshops since the year has begun and so far, it is the quietest time of the day.  We were a little nervous about reading workshop only because this group is BOY HEAVY and they need a song and dance to stay engaged.  Seriously Kerry and I have been pulling out all the stops, even our tap shoes...ha ha ha, to keep these little learners happy.  Believe it or not, they are eating up Reading Workshop and doing so well.  I have been running late (of course).... I am long winded, but I am not complaining.  We started with lots of modeling and short sessions of RW just to get them rotating correctly.  So here is the "set up" so far...

We started the year with reading leveled non-fiction texts about Sea Turtles. (More to come about that, but Sea Turtles are our grade mascot and we do a HUGE fundraiser to support the South Carolina Sea Turtle hospital in Charleston).  Each day we introduced a new text feature for non-fiction using this packet(FREEBIE for today only)!!!!!!

It all begins with my lower group coming to my table and reading this book together as I introduce text features and discuss the facts.  
My middle group was at the reading nook reading to themselves.   My high group has to start with the activity so I usually give them the book and allow them to read it by themselves before they come to me.

I use these little signs to help us all remember where we are.   

After 20 mins we rotate to the next group.  My lower group will go to their desks and work on the activity that is in their packet.  I always have my lower group reread the section we read by themselves before they do the activity.  I then work with the middle group, while my higher group heads to the reading nook for read to self.

Finally, I get to my high group and we go over what they have read.  If it is a long chapter or section, I only assign for them to read part of it and then we read the rest aloud at the table.

By now my lower group should be done and they head to read to self and my middle group works on their activity.  When I am done with my high group their usually isn't much time left for them to work on their activity.  But since they start with the activity the next day I have them complete it then.  The activity is always on the same skill with all the groups, we just read leveled texts. We do this in the beginning of the year with our Open Court Basal to just get familiar with the reading skills and comprehension questions.  Then hopefully by the 2nd quarter we will move to our novel units.  It has taken us a few years to find what works best for us.  This is working so far this year!! YIPEEEE!!!

Still with me?  See I told you I was long winded!!!  :)

Now this isn't about set up, but I must share an app I found to help during reading workshop.  It is called Audio Note and the lite version is free.  The real version is $4.99 (Yikes!!), but I could possibly buy this one.  IT'S THAT GOOD!  It is a voice recorder and a note taker all in one.  You could really use it in many ways.   I record each student as they read a passage during RW.  Then I can simultaneously take notes as the app records.  MAGIC!    It has been amazing!!!  I am still figuring out all the parts to the app, but so far I am in LOVE!  I can't wait to show the students how different they sound after a few short months...I HOPE!!!    Check it out!

Happy Workshopping, sweet friends!! 


  1. I was just looking for a recording app the other day. I want to record my kids reading for fluency checks. I'm so glad I read your post! Thanks for the suggestion!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  2. That is so cool! I hadn't thought about recording them on my iPad/iPhone! Thanks for that suggestion! :) And thanks for linking up!


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