Friday, February 8, 2013


We are participating in our first (ever) CURRENTLY with Oh' Boy 4th Grade!  We are so excited and had lots of fun doing it.  Soooo...
We need to explain our "Currently" since it might be confusing!  There are two of us and typically we think as one.  However, since this was done on a Thursday night (dreaming of the weekend).... Kerry was enjoying her "country music" and I was running around with my two wild boys + one larger than life husband...needless to say....our CURRENTLYS are quite different. 

We are both truly excited to have our blog up and running.  We have been dreaming of this since last year as we stalked others blogs.  The weekends are by far our favorite, we will both be busy running around.  Me with kids in tow, and lucky for Kerry, her Besties!  Let's just say she might have a little bit more fun than I will.  But, who knows, those family trips to Costco are always a thriller!!  I will have a little quiet time this weekend, as my husband and kids gave me a gift certificate for a facial for my birthday.  I might just have to accidentally get a massage and stay for 2 hours.  :)

If you feel so inclined to comment on our CURRENTLY, just know you will go down in history as our FIRST EVER commenter!  We wish we could send you a sparkly crown and throw you a big celebration, but that will have to come later.  Until then, thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. I have to agree with your loving! Isn't it a great feeling to start a blog and really get into it? I just started my blog this weekend and am really excited about all of the new blogs I am running into in the process. Your blog is very cute and I love the name!

    Enchanting Elementary

  2. So jealous about the facial! I could use one too! Enjoy :)

    Btw, love your blog design!

  3. Kerry, I got highlights on Saturday and thank God I no longer look like crap! Just book your appointment and go get them done. You will be so happy. Welcome to the blog world! :)