Sunday, February 3, 2013

Not much Educatin', but lots of Tailgatin'

It has been a super busy weekend here in my (Emily's) house. I have been creating... but not necessarily school stuff.  It was my Peanut's 1st birthday on Friday and we celebrated with an Alligator themed party on Saturday. My middle son, Super G, always told everyone that the baby in my tummy was an alligator, so we only saw fit to have a little Gator party for his first birthday.  I get a little carried away with birthday cakes, so here is the enormous alligator cake I made. It just kept getting larger and larger by the minute.  Four box cakes and six tubs of icing later, I got this!

Then the hubby and I had a blacktie event on Saturday night! It was nice to have the Grandparents in town.  We just left the party mess/kids and said, "nighty nighty!!"  I must say we clean up nicely!

Now off to get ready for the Superbowl...more "tailgatin!"
We are having a SUPER sale at TPT, so check it out.
Sunday super sale

I'll get back to educatin' tomorrow!    No real "dog" in the fight, but GO 49ers!!! 

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