Thursday, May 2, 2013

Linking up with Currently


We haven't linked up with Currently for a while, so we thought we would join the "PARTAY!"

-Right now I am watching and listening to General Hospital.  I am home today due to Big A being sick.  Thought he just had a rash on his face, but sweet boy has double ear infection.  Boy, he is a good actor.  Love General Hospital!  I think I have been watching it since middle school, 20+ years, and it still has the same story line.  Even some of the same characters/actors.  LOVE IT!!

-Even though I feel bad for Big A, I do love to snuggle time with that sweet boy.  He is a snuggler even when he isn’t sick, so you can even imagine what he is like now.  Snuggle bunny!

-Next week is going to be a doozie.  We start testing AND we are doing it on the computer...YIKES!  Two tests a day and I am sure we will have some hiccups, LONG WEEK.  Plus the hubs is going to San Fran for the week and I will be all alone!  Bedtime will be 830 for all! 

-Been cleaning all day while Big A naps, and all I have left is the kitchen...hate mopping!

-Think my needing is self explanatory...we could all use a day at the beach.

-I know we live at the beach but I plan to be there at least 3 days a week, or more.  Wearing  those kiddos out and enjoying the salt air.  And a little staycation with the hubs, while the kiddos are at Grandmas!  COME ON SUMMER!!!

as for Kerry... I made her add her Currently, so not much explanation.  See, there are only two 3rd grade teachers here at our school, so when one is gone the other takes on the load.  Don't get us wrong, we have a sub, but we really rely on the other one that is there to take the slack.  SO needless to say, she is exhausted and I am sure (even though I am not there) she really needs that Diet Coke and that yoga class.  Girl is a yoga groupie and she says she is determined to do yoga everyday this summer.  Good luck, I'll be doing my yoga on the beach as I lift (and chase) that 25lb son of mine.   

Happy May to everyone!!!


  1. Found you from Currently.

    Cute blog! A coke sounds really good right now. I've actually been craving a cherry slush for a WEEK!

  2. Our testing starts on Monday, too! Are you in MA? We have been dreading it for weeks, but at this point I'm ready for my little cherubs to show what they know. I'm a new follower- found you through Farley's link up.

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