Monday, May 6, 2013

Sales, Feedback, and Shopping! Oh My!

Hi Friends!

We are so pumped to shop til we drop this week!  In case you're like love a evidenced by the severe damage I did at the JCrew Factory sale on Saturday.  Not gonna lie...I had some 'splainin to do when I got home.  Oopsie!  Emily and I both have a thing for colored I'm pretty sure, between the two of us, we have every color in the rainbow now!

Anyway, on to the real sale and Fabulous Feedback Linky with Christina from Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge.  Check out her awesome ideas HERE.

This linky is designed to highlight some super cool TpT shoppers that left us feeling all warm and fuzzy with their comments.  We love you!   If the owners of these fab comments would please come forward, we would greatly appreciate it!  You can choose any item in our store for free.  :)  Just email us!

Thank you jsd6582!
LOVED IT!  I used this for my evaluation!  Asst. principal loved it too!
 Thank you jscholtz76!
This is fantastic!  I cannot WAIT to do a novel study in the fall using this packet!

Thank you A Series of First Grade Events!

Thank you for creating this! Having only one student at this reading level (and 30 others ranging from an a to k), this is a perfect way to challenge him and have questions and activities ready for an aide/volunteer to work with him on! I love the use of graphic organizers and vocabulary study mixed in with comprehension questions. Thank you!

I must admit, I didn't understand the TpT credits thing for the whole first year I was a member.  You see, the free stuff was like the gateway drug.  But then once I started downloading, I was hooked.  I eventually started doing some light stalking and got to know some of the awesome teachers behind their products by reading their blogs.  Before I knew it, I was a faithful reader and buyer on TpT.  The first time I realized I could earn cash back on my purchases it was like a gold mine!  We seriously went on a shopping spree and it was ALL FREE!  Awesome!

So now we can't wait to check some things off our list.  I just KNOW I am going to be more organized if I have one of those super cute planners for next year.  Color coding my to-do list will make me more organized and efficient, right??  Right.  And you know what they always say...

Check out the HUGE SALE on TpT this week.  Our whole store is 20% off through Wednesday, plus you can use the discount code TAD13 at check-out for even more .  YAHOO!   Whatever shopping you do, have fun!

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