Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Favorite Writing Mini Lesson Linky

Hi Teacher Friends!

Today we are linking up with Jivey for a little Workshop Wednesday.  Today's topic is: Our Favorite Writing Mini Lesson.  WOOHOO!

We usually teach narrative writing explicitly during the first quarter and then circle back throughout the year reviewing prior mini-lessons.  We do a Lucy Caulkins/6 + 1 Traits Combo....which has been really great.  We have a lot of freedom to teach our curriculum the way we want to teach it.  Emily and I love the flexibilty to be creative (and stalk Pinterest)!

One of our favorite mini-lessons to teach students is that writers create their "leads" using mentor texts as inspiration.  The kids get so motivated and I personally get a kick out of my students talking casually about famous authors.  There is nothing like hearing an eight year old say, "I like the way Cynthia Rylant started The Relatives Came with an action so I tried to do that, too!"  Melt my teacher heart!

The three leads we teach are action, dialogue, and setting.  We added some mentor texts below that can help inspire your children to write leads that sound like literature.  However, there are SO MANY out there. You can open any book and this mini lesson will work!

Action Leads:

Setting Leads:

Dialogue Leads:

In case you want to add a freebie to your files, click HERE for a graphic organizer on leads.  Thanks y'all!

We want to end by saying our hearts are in Boston.  Sending love and prayers to those affected by the tragedy.


  1. I have totally forgotten about the book Shortcut! Thank you for the reminder!
    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  2. Thanks for linking up!! I love all of those books and LOVE using mentor texts in writing! :)
    ideas by jivey