Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fun with Fractions

We are dabbling with guided math groups and while our kids are LOVING them.....SHOOEEE they can be a lot of work!  We don't have a lot of centers already made up, so some days it's a bit of a *scramble* to get everything organized.  However, we had to share what we did last week because it was super simple to prep, very hands-on, and the instruction was meaningful.

We divided our kiddos into 3 groups.  One group was working with a teacher, one group was working on task cards, and the last group was using Fraction Towers.  We rotated every 15 minutes (we only have a 45 minute block for math).  It worked out so well!

The point of our small group instruction was to determine whether a fraction card was less than one half, equal to one half, or more than one half.  Each child picked a card, covered the numerator, and then said outloud what half of the denominator was.

Here is Emily covering her numerator.  Try not to be blinded by her gorge rock!  Once the student determined half of the denominator, they could uncover the numerator.  Next they placed the card in one of the 3 categories.  Once we made it through all 18 cards, they were begging to order the fractions from greatest to least and vice versa.  FUN!

Next, the students built fraction towers.  They had to determine equivalent fractions to 1/2 and also practice comparing fractions.  These little gems have been invaluable.  We have 7 sets and they are absolutely worth the investment!

***Sorry for the sideways pictures, we are having major difficulties with Blogger today. 

Lastly, our kids worked on some fun task cards.  Anything with an animal gets this group of kiddos excited!  I think they forget they are doing math when they are distracted by a cute puppy picture.  :)

We hope all of you are doing well!  It's 80 degrees today in Charleston.  We definitely got some sun at recess!


  1. I'm trying to get started in Guided Math. I just don't feel like I have the things I need to run it. I followed you..hopefully I will learn more about it from you!

  2. Thanks! We followed you, Hopefully we can learn together. Thanks!!