Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Classroom Tour

We wanted to check in really quick and post a few classroom pics with the fab ladies over at Blog Hoppin'.

Alright, yall.  Please don't be judgey with this post.  We haven't been able to get into our rooms until last week so it's been a little cray (to say the least). I moved apartments, too!  Yep.  I moved apartments AND decided to do some zhushing in my room.  What on earth was I thinking?!  And I scheduled it all in the same week.  I'd rather run into every ex-boyfriend I've ever had with their new girlfriends while wearing no makeup than move again.  Yep, over it.  

I managed to clean up a few areas of the room so I wanted to show them off!  We will do a full reveal next week before the first day.  I am BEYOND thrilled that we still have a week left.  If not, I'd be having heart palpitations/sleepovers at school!

Erica Bohrer's birthday board will go here.  I inherited the chairs and sprayed them green.  The turquoise tub is from Garden Ridge and holds my white boards. The table and lamp are from Target.

Cara Carroll (inspired by Mrs. Phippen) and The Teacher Wife's Writer's Eye bulletin board/writing center.  I got the chevron fabric at Hobby Lobby.  And my little toolbox sits there, too!

One of our reading areas.  The chairs are from Big Lots, the pink rug is from Walmart, and the teal table/cheetah lamp are from Target.  The READ letters are Hob Lob!

Another reading area.  The teal chairs are Target, pillows are Big Lots, rug/bookcase/bins are Walmart. 

Once we were back in the swing of things and it doesn't look like a bomb went off in the middle of my room, we will show you our digs!  I promise to start using a real camera, too.  Yall won't have to squint so you can see my teensy pics!

Today is my favorite day of Teacher Week.  I can't wait to check out your room!  Link up.  :)

PS-My (Emily) room still looks like a bomb went off only because when I come to do some work I have at least 2 kids with me and they make more of a mess than before.  Pics to come soon, they went back to school today!!!

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