Thursday, August 15, 2013

Where Did My Naptime Go?

Holy smokes Batman...I forgot what it was like to work 2 FULL days in a row!!  I am tired!  I normally nap around 1:00, and today at 1:00, I was sitting in a room listening to a speaker about my empty retirement fund! 

Kerry and I have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to get ready.  Luckily we still have 3 more days, but WOW, I am cutting it close.  (Kerry is almost done!)

So I wanted to link up with  Blog Hoppin' for their Teacher Week yesterday, but unfortunately our first day back as faculty didn't go as planned.   If you don't know our school is located in downtown Charleston.  We are below sea level, so when it rains all day, several inches and it is high tide...IT FLOODS.  Needless to say it took me an hour and a half to get home yesterday, normally only 20 mins.  It was a mess!  My night was shot. Everything I had on my list for "couch" pushed to today.   By the time I got everyone fed and in bed, I was exhausted.  And I had to watch Duck Dynasty :)  

Here we go...This is my Wednesday's Organizing for Instruction.

I decided to redo my "colors" this year and as you can tell it is blue and green.  Here is a pic collage of my "organization!" Good thing you can't see the piles that are stacked up all around the cute stuff. 

1.  These are my cubbies, behind the cabinets. Each student has a fourth of the cabinet.  This is new, so we will see how well it works.  Might be removing the cabinet door by Christmas break.   I also put a hanging metal folder there for work to turn in when they are finished.  I love this because now I can easily put them in ABC order for grading. 
2.  My new buckets for holding classroom supplies.  I got these at Micheal's for $1.00 a piece. 
3.  This is my homework board and now my "calendar" as well.  I intend to have classroom job of changing the date each day.  All of these are held with magnets. 
4.  My new curtains to hide my mess...nuff said!!!
5.  Daily schedule...this helps me trememdously and it is right beside the door.  There should be no excuse for me to be late or off schedule, HA HA HA!   (This is certainly not a normal day.  Wouldn't we all love specials all afternoon!)
6.  These are my group supplies.  I would have loved to show you them on a desk, but we are getting new ones and they aren't expected to arrive until the day we start school.  HA HA HA!  I made these with baby food formula cans, Pringle cans and Crystal Light a little duck tape! 

So there it is...that is about as organized as I am for now.  Tomorrow I will tackle the piles around the room.  Wish me luck!

Don't for to join us and all the WONDERFUL stores this weekend for the TPT Back to School Sale!   

Two day sale

It is still raining here in Charleston.  That is 2 days straight.  I might need my canoe tomorrow!

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