Friday, August 23, 2013

Five For Friday...Super Speedy Style

We are so terribly sorry we have been such bad bloggers.  This week has been wild and wooly.  We are now back in full swing, no turning back now.  I really have wanted to go to bed with my children at 7:30 or 8:00, but unfortunately there are things still to be done. Right now I am trying my hardest to stay awake and watch a movie with my husband and be a good little wife.  Working on this blog helps me not fall asleep.

So far this week has been great.  We are still modeling everything for our sweet kiddos, but I think it is going to be a great year.  So here goes our linky...5 for Friday!!!


1.  We have been really pushing being "A Bucket Filler" this week.   We have read several books including

This is our Be a Bucket Filler bulletin board.  Anytime the kids feel as though their bucket has been filled they can write a little bucket filler sheet and we will put it in their envelope.

Today we also watched these two little videos on YouTube!

They were great.  I love the DRIP, DRIP, DRIP every time a bucket was dipped into.  I started saying DRIP, DRIP, DRIP every time I felt like some of my kiddo weren't following the rules.

2.  Then we did this fun little game with the groups...Help Save Fred!  The goal is to help save Fred, the gummy worm, from drowning.  By saving Fred you have to put the gummy Lifesaver around Fred using only gummy worms.  It was quite fun to watch and the kids work hard at "saving" Fred.  After working in groups we had GREAT discussion on how we should and shouldn't work as a group!   We saw this on Ideas By Jivey and thought we would give it a try. 

 3.  I think our favorite activity we did this week was "Look Who's in 3rd Grade!"  Can you guess that baby game.  We had each child bring in a baby picture in a sealed envelope.  We then did a guess that baby game and had each child guess who was who.  We even hung the pictures out in the hallway for everyone to take a guess.  We then had the kids fill out a pennant about themselves to be able to share when we had the big reveal.  And boy was it a big reveal.  They were eating out of the palms of our hands to have the reveal.  It was GREAT! 


 After the reveal we hung them back in the all with the correct picture.  We plan on laminating them and making a classroom banner to hang around all year. 

4.   Another fun activity was "20 True/False Question About the Teacher"  Here is the sheet we passed out and had the kiddos fill out.  

I then took my kids outside and revealed the answers.  They were standing at one end of the playground and I was at the other.  Each time they got an answer correct they took a step closer to me.  It took about 18 questions to reach me.  

5.  Last but not least, we let our students play with the base 10 blocks.  Next week we will start place value and we all know those base 10 blocks can be fun to play with.  I gave my kids each a set of blocks and had them work as a group to try and build the tallest tower.  I gave them 10 minutes because I wanted them to get really tall and fall so they could deal with mistakes and help to solve each other problems.  It was great to do and learn to be patient with each other. 

So now it is off to the weekend.  I am super excited about tomorrow night's girls night.  We are headed to see Hootie and the Blowfish tomorrow night for a benefit concert they do every year to raise money for local schools and programs.   I am super excited..."HOLD MY HAND!!"


  1. Wow! You had a busy week! I love all of your ideas! I'm so jealous you are going to see Hootie! I want to go every year, but never seem to be able to go! Gotta love that Darius is a Charleston boy!


    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  2. Thanks for sharing all of your terrific ideas! I am a fellow third grade teacher and am excited to have found you! I hope you get some rest this weekend.
    One Happy Teacher

  3. Thanks for sharing the links to the two videos. We always read this book at the beginning of the year and bucket filling is a part of our character ed program. I really like the 'drip...drip...drip' idea.

    I also like your 20 Facts About my Teacher game. Definitely "borrowing" that one!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings