Sunday, June 23, 2013

Five for Friday-Sunday Style

So this is a few days late, but I have been on vacation all week with my whole family.  We love linking up Doodle Bugs!

Our last Five for Friday Kerry wrote about her beach week with her family...boy was it relaxing! Well, my family beach week started on Saturday as hers was ending.  Now let's compare her week with mine...

Location: Kiawah, SC                       
People: 5 Adults                               
Relaxing: Very Much So                 
Activities: Pool, beach, happy hour

Location: Ocean Isle Beach, NC 
People: 6 Adults, 5 Kids
Relaxing: only after 9pm
Activities: pool, beach, anything that makes the kids happy

So here is a little peek into my vacation...just a tad bit different from Kerry's

1. Everyone's happy playing in the sand.  This is day one...everyone digging a hole for Big A. 

2.  We celebrate Father's Day by sending the boys off for an afternoon movie, Man of Steel.  This made my hubby's day.  Here is my dad and my sister.  We are so lucky to have this man in our life.  He is a fabulous role model and such a great dad.  He is also a wonderful grandfather to our kids.  We are so lucky. 

And my hubby, such a kid at heart and a wonderful father to my children.  We are so blessed!

3.  A few ways we entertained the kiddos at night.  Go Kart racing (the blurry picture isn't because he is going fast, really so slow, just bad photo taking), bungee jumping for the big kids, and a very LONG game of putt-putt.  

4.  One day it was a bit cloudy, so we took the kids to the water slide.  They loved it, G-man went about 50 times down the little slide and the big kids couldn't get enough.  And by big kids, I mean hubby too, needless to say he was a little sore the next day. 
Big G                                  Hubby

 5.  It really was a wonderful week.  We had great weather and lots of fun times together.  I ate and drank my way through the week and loved every minute of it.   Lots of exercise to be done before our next vacation to the mountains.  I think the week was summed up best as my mom, sister, and I were packing up the food, toys, etc. on the last night and these two were sawing logs and catching flies on the couch at 8:00pm. 
This week I have promised Kerry I will get lots of work done, back to school activities and trying something new with Chapter 1 in math...we'll see how it goes.   Thanks for reading, even if it is on Sunday. 


  1. The beach is so much fun! My family and I are headed out to Myrtle Beach next weekend. Can't wait! Thanks for sharing your week with us!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  2. We're headed to OIB on Friday! We go every year and just love it. Was that water slide at OIB? When we first started going down there there was one right by the putt putt course, but our kids were too little to use it. Then they took it out. They'd be thrilled if it was back!

    Always an Adventure in Kindergarten

  3. Hi Girls! Love the vaca pics! I just found your blog, I’m your newest follower!
    Science for Kids Blog