Sunday, June 30, 2013


I am linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for her monthly Currently.  Kerry is away on a much deserved girls week in Florida, so you get just me.   I can see her now, soaking up the rays, a fun fruity beverage in her hand, nice long UNINTERRUPTED chats with her friends, quiet time for reading a juicy novel and sleeping in late...oh how I love to live vicariously through Kerry.  I, on the other hand, am just hanging out on this rainy summer day thinking of all the things I need to do but aren't.  I did just go have lunch with my best childhood friend.  We grew up 2 doors down and her sister was my sister's best friend as well.  We still remain connected, but have gone our separate ways.  Her family has a beach house here, so I get to see her at least once a year and catch up.  This time it was her, her sister, and my family all at a yummy restaurant filled with lots of young people out for Sunday brunch enjoying the brunch "drink" specials.  Needless to say we stuck out a bit with our 6 children all under the age of 6.  But, it was fun to catch up the kids were fairly well behaved. 

Well, on to what the post is all about...

Listening- It is pouring here today and lots of thunderstorms.  It is a nice peaceful sound.  Also after lunch Baby A went down for a nap and the hubs and Big G went to the it really is quiet.

Loving- Now that I finally have things figured out, I think, I am really lovein this Bloglovin' stuff.  Seems easy to stay up to date with all your wonderful blogs.

Thinking-  I desperately need to do laundry.  Wish I had a laundry fairy!!!

Wanting- Besides that laundry fairy, I would love to have a packing fairy.  We are leaving for 10 days on Tuesday to head to the in-laws for a mountain vaca.  It will be nice and relaxing, however packing 3 kids and myself will be a chore.  Here's hoping I don't forget anything REALLY important.

Needing- After that yummy lunch, I am about to pop.  Hopefully when the hubs gets home I can go out for an afternoon workout class.

Tips, Tricks, or Hints- Have you ever heard of AppsGoneFree?  It is a wonderful app that every day has a list of apps that are free for the day or even two days.  I have found some useful, and some not so useful apps through here and even some really cool interactive stories.   I hope to fill up a folder of interactive stories and use it for an "extra" center in my classroom this year.   I have also gotten some great workout apps, organization apps, games and puzzle apps, etc. from here.  It really is worth looking at.  Hey even if you don't like the app that you downloaded, don't was free.

Well now off to do that laundry so I can pack these kiddos.  That is unless that fairy shows up!!!

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