Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back To School Linky

Hi Everyone!

I'm linking up with {I Heart Recess} for a little BTS linky party.  Join the fun and share your goals.  If we write them down, they will become true.  Right?

Personal: This year I need to find the balance between work, church, personal life, gym time, friends, family, puppy, etc, etc.  There are a few new things I want to become involved in so I need to learn how to balance it all.  And for any moms out there--you are my hero!  I have no idea how you do it!  I always tell Emily she does more before 7:30am than I do all day!!

Organization:  My friend Kristin is a feisty little Italian and has always said, "Cut the fat!"  It just means to get rid of the things in your life that you don't need.  I need to remember this motto for my classroom organization.  For some reason, I am the anti-hoarder at home and then at school I'm a complete hoarder freak.  I had "dittos" saved from student teaching in kindergarten in 2001 still in my desk.  That I moved to 3 different schools.  Yall, I've never taught kindergarten.  I hit rock bottom in May when a particularly disorganized friend asked me for something.  I couldn't find it, talked to myself for a few minutes, threw some papers around, prayed to Saint Anthony, and then there it was.  She laughed and goes, "You are just like me!"  AHHHHHHHHHHHH!  Stop the insanity and cut the fat already!

Planning:  Emily and I have taught together for five years.  She has taught third grade for 11 years and I have taught third for 8.  Yet somehow I always feel like I'm flying by the seat of my pants.  We are always changing things (for the better!) and creating new lessons.  If I get organized, I can stay ahead!

Professional:  Blog baby blog!  Even when I feel like I have one reader (hey you!), we've got to keep this blog going.  It helps us stay engaged and excited about teaching.  Just like how we want our kiddos to be!

Students:  Ok, so I may not be the most organized teacher in town.  BUT-my kids are always laughing and smiling and happy!

Motto:  Pretty self explanatory there.  Remember there is a plan for us!

That's it, yall!  Link up so we can see what your goals are!


  1. I have some school materials that I haven't used in years, too. I plan on throwing them out before the new school year begins.

    Foreman Teaches

  2. Great goals! I want to get ahead too with my planning and stay ahead! Keep plugging away with your blog. I have been a follower of yours since you started. You all are doing great!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  3. Love your motto! So true!!

    Glad to hear that you will continue blogging! It's a great way to keep it fresh and expand your personal learning network. :)

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings