Friday, July 5, 2013

Vacay Recap and a FREEBIE!

Hi Everyone!

I'm back from a much needed vacay with my girls.   Due to some recent craziness in my personal life, I needed a 'lil break from reality.  I'll spare you the boring details and save that for my therapist (and Emily!).  ;)  ;)  Insert my girl, Kristin Wiig, from Bridesmaids and you have a mental image of the week I had!

I'm going to be a Braggy Braggerson for a minute and recap my trip to Florida.  I'm the worst picture taker and always rely on my friends to send me some.  Luckily my BF is an incredible photographer! Here is a little peek at what I managed to accomplish while chilling here:

 Drank a Nespresso each morning followed by a Vitamix Smoothie.  The healthiest part of each day!  YUM!

  Laid out on my BFs dock and took in the views.

     Read The Hunger Games trilogy and Brandi Glanville's Drinking and Tweeting.  Guilty Pleasures!

Watched the entire season 2 of Scandal snuggled up in Hermes blankets.  Yep, Hermes! And I know I am so obnoxious for pointing that tidbit out.  But you know what....I may never snuggle in that cashmerey goodness ever again.  A girl can dream.  ;) 

Watched Admission, Identity Thief, and Safe Haven.  SO Good!  Hellooooo Josh!

Went on a heart attack inducing paddle board ride in gator infested waters (NOT a highlight!!!).  Looks pretty here.... then we made a turn, went under some bridges, and entered GatorTown.    

     Took this cutie for lots of bike rides around the neighborhood.  Much better look than the old ladies pushing their dogs in strollers, dontyathink?

Mixed fitness with pleasure as we attempted to recreate Karla's (aka her personal trainer's) workout.  He quickly texted her that we had bad form.  Aw man, we were so proud of this....we even instagrammed it!  Snap!

Had an insanely overthetopneverwilldoagain shopping spree at the Tory Burch Outlet.

Drank a *few* glasses of my favorite white wine/fun enducer.

Dressed up in these outrageous numbers after a flight delay.  Mine was ridiculously comfy.  I will hereby stop judging the JLos of the world who wear their adult onesies with pride.

And got in some much needed bestie time!

Seriously, what would we do without our girlfriends?  I cherished every single minute of this trip and can't wait to see these girls again.  It's funny how the happiest moments of our life are when the real you comes out.  When you don't care about the past and you don't worry about what the future holds.  It was fun to feel like a kid again!  

Ok, so you made it to the end of this brag-fest post and are wondering where your freebie is?!?!  Thanks for letting me indulge.  Your reward is to download {THIS} cute freebie!  It's 36 Spelling Task Cards that you can use with any list.  If you like them, please leave some feedback to make us smile.  I promise it will make our day!!  :)  We will prob put it up for $2 after the weekend.

Alright, I'm starting to look like Tan Mom (AHHH!) and need to get my life organized.  Time to unpack, pay bills, go to the gym, grocery shop, and do all the other grown up things that I have skipped out on during the last week!

Just change tweeting to blogging and I think that ecard is a winner!  Thanks for reading.  Hope yall like the freebie!  And I know this is more like Fifteen for Friday, but I had to join the party.  Link up with Doodlebugs and let us know what's going on with you this week!

PS-All of the grainy/fuzzy/scary pics are from my iPhone and all of the pretty/clear/fabulous pics are from my friend Christina.  She is in photography school right now and I have no doubt that she will be famous someday!


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    1. Thanks, Brandee! I agree-it was awesome!

  2. Jealous of your Tory Burch shopping spree! Sounds like fun!


    1. Thank you! I won't be shopping for awhile now! :)