Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It's Me (Emily)...I'm Back! Linkin up TIMES 2!

Hello our fellow blogging friends!  It is so nice to be back online with my our blog and get back to  stalking reading our favorite blogs.   Our school decided it was time to update/image our dinosaur computers and needless to say it took longer than they expected!  After about a week and a half with no computer, I am finally back!!! I was actually starting to get on a role with bloggin, readin, and creatin...and then they took it away.  I have been reading all your blogs with my phone, but it is such a pain to comment so I haven't been able to do that.  Love all your stuff though!!!

So now that I am back I am linking up with 2 of my favorite linkies this wonderful Wednesday.

First, I am linking up with Digital: Divide and Conquer and Third Grade Galore and their
WIN, LOSS, & a thing of COST

The rules are simple: tell about a win, a loss, and a thing of cost.  So here is goes...
After 5 days with my sister and her 2 kids, yes that's right 5 kids and 2 adults, the hubby and I had a nice staycation and a few days kid free.  On Friday my CRAZY wonderful sister took my kids, plus hers, back to Charlotte to my parents house.   My kiddos were there for the past 5 days.  They had a blast, just one on one time with their grandparents.  And we had a blast as well :)   As much as I miss my little peeps, it sure is nice to have peace and quiet, no schedules, no bathtime, no bedtime, etc.  The hubs and I had mini staycation in downtown Charleston, eating at yummy restaurants and spending several hours at the beach...ALONE.  The main reason we sent our kiddos away was the hubs had his 20th high school reunion.  It was so fun to see him in his high school element.  We had a great time!!  I say that was a BIG WIN!!!

These two pictures should explain it all...
This is what I found when I walked into my classroom.  Glad I had a few days kid free to work on it.
Definitely a LOSS, but now I have nice clean waxed floors!!!

thing of COST:
Apparently burlap is in style these days.  I found this great burlap ribbon at Hobby Lobby and put it to great use.  I think it was orginally $5.99, but I got it for 1/2 off.  They had great colors and lots of varieties.  Needless to day I have used 3 rolls already and I am off to buy 2 more.

So far I have used it for my new word wall and the edges around my bulletin board.  You should def. check it out.

Second, I thought I would link up with  What I'm Loving Wednesday at Covered in Glitter and Glue, because I am home visiting my parents and who doesn't LOVE everything when your home with your mom and dad!!!

So a few things...
1.  Lovin these two!  Glad to be back with them.  Missed them bunches!!

2.  My dad has found some wonderful old goodies and I had to share. I LOVE antiques and items that are so special to those who aren't here any more.
The first is my Great Aunt's old sewing machine.  This was my Grandmother's sister's sewing machine and what I remember most about both of them was how much they loved sewing.  It actually still works and just needs a little bit of greasing to get back to full force.  I am hoping no one wants it and I can store it at my house.  The cool part is that it folds into the table and it makes a nice working desk.

Then there is my Grandfather's old medicine bag.  It even had the ear thingy in it to look at ears.  This bag is at least 50 years old.  So special!  My grandfather was a wonderful man, so generous, kind, and a terrific doctor.

Finally, talk about old school...this is me when I was 5 looking at our new kittens.  Our cat's name was Smurfette!

3.  Thought I'd throw these in as well.  These are my dad's bowls.  He is a man of all sorts of hobbies and loves to dabble in many things.  Right now he is turning bowls out of old wood that he finds.  They are fabulous...don't you think so?

and last...

4.  I think my summer reading is coming to an end, as I need to really read that professional developmnt book we have been assigned.  So here are the last two I favs this summer.