Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Made It-Laundry Makeover

Hi Friends!

We are linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for a Monday Made It linky.  I love checking in on all of you and seeing the craftiness of my fellow teachers.  Emily rocks in this department and saves me from a shame spiral each time I have to cut a straight line.  Thank goodness for teaching partners because I was born without the craft gene!

So, today's Monday Made It is a quick post about how a daughter and dad bickered bonded through a laundry room makeover.  It took us 2 days, $200 in supplies, several high fives, some tricky math, 3 trips to Lowes, 1 trip to Benjamin Moore, some new tools, and 2 killer sweatbands.  In no time we were on our way to enjoying a celebratory beer and a new laundry room for my sweet mom.

Alright, so here is the before.  Prepare yourself.

My mom and I had a conversation like this:

Me:  Mom, your laundry room is disgusting.  Are you a hoarder?

Mom: I know.  Help me.

Me:  Mom, for the 157888485th time...get on Pinterest.

Mom:  I don't think I have that on my iPad.

Yes, that's how it went.  My mom calls it the "internets" or the "world wide web", yet somehow we bought the woman an iPad for her 60th birthday.  But my mom is the best and she deserved a new laundry room.  Here she is being awesome and about to take a family shot of Firefly.

So here is what we did.  Step One: clear everything out and paint.  We chose Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue.  IMO, it's a gorgeous blue color that is calm and inviting.  It can make you happy when you have to do laundry!

Now to add to the fun of this project, my dad is a Bronx born and bred retired mechanical engineer.  So everything has to be perfect, straight, and done the right way (even when it takes hours longer).  I could bore you with painting tips, but I know yall are on Pinterest and read blogs as much me. :)

Step Two: Measure and install your cabinets.  That sounds super easy and I would love to say I knew what I was doing...but this isn't that kind of blog post.  I was just the happy assistant there to pick up a few beginner tips as we worked our way through the project.  I do recommend wearing an awesome sweatband like the one pictured below.  My dad has been keeping the sweatband industry in business since the 80s and I've never seen him to do a project without wearing one.

Step Three: Cutesy up the laundry room with pictures, flowers, a drying rack, neatly folded towels, a curtain rod, new light fixtures, and pinterest-inspired knickknacks.  As you can see, none of that is done.  Maybe in 2015 when my parents sell their house they'll get around to it.  ;)

So that's that.  I probably didn't give you any tips, but it's the best Monday Made It (through this project with my dad using horrible iPhone pics) that I've got.  I'll leave the rest of these posts up to Emily.  :)


  1. Love it! So awesome of you to redo her laundry room, and so awesome of her to do Firefly shots! You have a cool mom for sure. :)
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  2. Looks great! What a great gift for your mom! My mom is 63 and she got an ipad for Christmas. My girls are always showing her what to do with it!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  3. That redo looks awesome! I am going to have to show this to my mom to get the ball rolling ;)


    1. Yes, Alyssa! Do it. It was actually pretty fun!

  4. Looks great! Maybe you need a home makeover blog,'ve got skills!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. Z & Company

    1. Haha! Probably not--if you knew how many times I had to be told how to use the automatic screwdriver you wouldn't want me teaching anything! lol!

  5. That is super sweet! A glass of wine and a one-on-one lesson with your mom about Pinterest and she'll be a pro!
    Fabulous Fifth Grade Fun

  6. Great makeover! What a difference...

    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers