Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Made It-Sentimental Frames

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I originally saw this idea on Pinterest and it took me to a sweet blog called Maple and Magnolia.  Unfortunately, the original post is down (don't ya just hate when that happens?) so I was on my own when I tried to recreate these frames.

I have always loved raiding my Grandma Jane's jewelry box.  I just found these bracelets and amber pendant  last weekend.  Score!  I haven't taken the bracelets off and I wore the pendant with a black maxi yesterday.  It was kinda cute!  {Disclaimer:  I am asking for a camera for Christmas because the iPhone isn't cutting it!}

Anyway, this time it was my Grandma Mary that had the pretty brooches.  I always had a special bond with her and am actually named after where she grew up in Ireland (County Kerry).  She was a pretty special lady, and I'm lucky to have called her my Grandma.  She spoke with a really thick Irish Brogue, ALWAYS had yummy treats at her house, and told the best stories about growing up in Ireland and NYC.

I picked two of her pins, headed to Michaels (don't forget your 40% coupon!), and got to work.  I found these frames that were perfect for this project, I just love the ribbon detail.  They were about $5 each and the burlap was $2. Not bad!  

Here is how it looked when I was finished:

I think it would look even better with a super glam brooch; however, I was keeping this project for reals.  I'm pretty sure this was what was in style during the Great Depression.  Amazing!

I think the cameo brooch would look really pretty in one of these situations:

Gorgeous, right?  And so sentimental, too.  I can thank Pinterest for allowing me to plan my fake wedding and have my fake baby.  :)   

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  1. And decorate our fake houses while we dress up in all the clothes from our fake closets. :)

    Cutie patootie frames!